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Energy modeling

Our experience in energy modeling goes to nearly 50 projects mainly for projects pursuing the LEED certification. The preferred software used for our models is eQUEST® 3.65, which complies with the section G2.2 of the ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 standard, and allows us a quick analysis between options provided for the projects we are involved. Other software used are Open Studio ® and Simergy ® with Energy Plus ®

Bioclimatic consultancy

In order to achieve the best energy performance, we use a climatological characteristics analysis of the project’s city and surroundings to find the thermal comfort zones in relation to each month and hours evaluating solar protection solutions and thermal insulation strategies.

LEED documentation

We have gathered, coordinated or generated the documentation required to achieve LEED platinum certification. Among the calculations and documentation performed are the required by the energy model, landscape, reclaimed water, natural lighting, VOC budgets, construction, HVAC in compliance with norms among others. We have successfully resolved reviews controversies and CIR enquirers.