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About Us

Green Building Drinks is a networking event that has the goal to promote good practices of sustainable architecture and to encourage the linking of services and sustainable products among attendees.Is organized with an interview of a prominent professional of the construction sustainability sector, followed by a cocktail and healthy appetizers.

For the last four years, the event has been held in different Mexican cities and in Vancouver, and has received as lecturers a diverse group of professionals, including Mahesh Ramanujam (USGBC CEO), Michelle Malanca (World GBC Vice President), Ed Snodgrass (Greenroof celebrity) among many other prominent local architects and developers.

EOSIS recently achieved the BCorp certification, which is certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


We have proposed to the USGBC a pilot credit called Health for Construction Workers, currently implemented in most of our worksites, that has the goal to promote safe and healthy work environment for all personnel involved in the construction process and sustainable culture beyond it in order to impact positively their community.


The Crew


Pedro A. Paredes Estapé

Guadalajara, 1976. Graduated from Architecture by the ITESO in 2000.  In 2009 is credited as LEED AP (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). Specializes in Bioclimatic Architecture in 2011 from the School of Architecture of the City Guadalajara and the University of North Isthmus. Is currently partner of EA Energy and Architecture, independent consulting certification for LEED projects in México and Latin America. He worked in the office MS + Architecture as a project manager in various developments such as shopping centers, housing developments, resorts, hotels, corporate buildings and master plans and costs incurred in Guadalajara México. Collaborated with KMD Architects as Project Manager for tourism projects and mixed uses in Baja California, Sinaloa and Jalisco, México. He teaches courses on LEED certification and energy efficiency at ITESO, ESARQ and TEC de Monterrey. He has developed and built several projects in a personal capacity in the city of Guadalajara as meeting rooms, commercial remodeling, homes and boutique hotels.

Jorge López de Obeso

Born in Guadalajara in 1977, Received the LEED Fellow recognition in 2016. López de Obeso graduated from the Architectural Association in London, receiving his degree in Master of Housing and Urbanism. In 2014 he participated in the program Leadership in Sustainability and was invited to the Center of Interactive Research in Sustainability at the UBC in Vancouver to develop an architectural device that will generate renewable energy. Is currently partner and Chairman of the Board of EA Energia y Arquitectura, a leading independent consulting firm for LEED certification, achieving Platinum certified buildings in Mexico City, Guadalajara and elsewhere. He has performed the role of Integrated Design Coach in more than 30 buildings in LEED certification process, including housing, offices, educational buildings and museums. López de Obeso is an expert in building resource optimization and has lectured and participated in forums in Canada, U.S. and South
America, as well as offered training to private companies and Universities. He is also fluent in Spanish and English.


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